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Re: Malice at Dallas Post Game

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post
Not surprised or mad about this game. Dallas isnít that great itís just Washington is that bad. Ron had the team fired up and throwing stones but then Covid and injuries killed the season.

Overall nothing will change until we get a QB. The Taylor Heinicke story has ran itís course. Heís a fun backup to have that can come in an win a game or 2 if u need it but heís not a starter. On top of his very weak arm, heís sooooo inaccurate.

Terry will leave if he doesnít get a QB and I canít blame him.

I can't I disagree with anything you've said in this post. Although, I am a lil surprised per the disparity of the scoreboard tonight.

I'm still on the fence with Rivera and I think he needs to move past JDR and seriously ponder about Turner.
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