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Re: The Redskins have twice been the most injured team in football. Is that bad luck or bad planning?

I think it's important to take the statistic Games Missed Due to Injury with a grain of salt. Cam Sims was put on IR after an injury in week 1. But he was healed up and ready to go by week 5. He was put on IR because the Skins needed to fill the roster spot, and they deemed having Cam Sims unavailable for the second half of the season as less important than having somebody else active during weeks 1-4.

Instead I just look at who got hurt, how important are they to the team, and how did they get hurt. Alex Smith as our starting QB was obviously incredibly important to us, and nobody could call that broken leg as anything other than unfortunate luck. Scherff is critical to our team - and the torn pec was tough luck on a borderline dirty play. I don't see what the team could have done about those.

Guice looked like we would build the offense around him and he blows his knee out. Did that happen because he had existing damage in there? If so, you could put that on the team for drafting him, even though his potential is so high that over the long term it will prove worthwhile, and they made up for it by signing Peterson. Richardson had an injury history, so the shoulder was no surprise, the team should have understood he would miss some games. And with Reed, at some point you have to wonder how much sense it makes to design an offense around a player who's always hurt.

So it's a mix. I don't care about Cam Sims's games missed, that's meaningless to me. I look at what happened to the impact players. Smith and Scherff, terrible luck. At the same time, you can fairly question whether Gruden is in his right mind for designing an offense around Reed. At some point, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results starts to sound a little crazy.
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