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Re: Around the NFL Week 16

Originally Posted by CRedskinsRule View Post
It may be a dumb stat, but it is a fact. If you have the choice of KC or any other qb for a meaningful Monday night game and you choose KC you would be considered foolish.

His defense gave him 3 starts in Packers territory early. And on his dagger interception he had a 5 yard clean pocket.

If you don't like the stat, fine, but as a teammate, I wouldn't count on him in those situations.

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Cousins is who he is and will never be the kind of guy that can carry a franchise. He will play great at times, even for long stretches. But when you absolutely need him to step up, when the pressure is at it's highest he won't come through. We agree on that.

My point is the 0-9 stat on Mon is just stupid. I gave one example a few weeks ago. What about when he was here and we played the Chiefs? He put the team in position to win but because we have a mentally weak defensive coordinator the game was lost. Is that on Kirk? No , he did is part but the talking heads will spin the 0 fer Mon Night narrative like it's no one business.
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