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Redskins Salary Cap Status - 2020

Given the housecleaning the Redskins have undergone in the football operations and head coaching areas, Iím getting started with this thread earlier this year. This looks at the Redskins salary cap status for 2020. This references OverTheCapís terrific salary cap data. This year the Redskins find themselves with plenty of available cap space which will go a long way towards molding the team to Ron Riveraís image. This thread is equal parts a summary of where the cap stands today, and a list of the moves the team is likely to make to manage their cap flexibility.

As the team makes moves throughout the offseason I'll try to keep this updated to reflect the actual impact on the cap. Last updated February 20, 2020 at 5:00pm.

Redskins Cap Space Entering 2019: $35.4M

Moves Made
Extended P Tress Way $0M (goes into effect 2021)
Released CB Josh Norman $12.4M
Released WR Paul Richardson $2.5M
Released TE Jordan Reed $8.5M
Franchise Tagged G Brandon Scherff ($14.8M)
Two Players Added Back to Top 51 ($1.2M)

Redskins Cap Space Current Estimate $42.8M

Moves Expected
Trade OT Trent Williams $12.5M
One Player Added Back to Top 51 ($0.6M)

Expected Redskins Cap Space after Moves $54.7M

Roster Needs:
Backup QB (2?)
TE (2)
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