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Chase young discussion

Chase Young officially declared heíll be participating in the 2020 NFL draft where the Redskins have a rare and valuable #2 draft pick in the first round. Cincinnati is widely expected to choose Burrows -who has an unbelievable TD to INT ratio.

Last night I searched every single mock draft for 2020 that I could find. EVERY mock draft I saw had the Redskins taking Chase Young, who is widely considered the BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE (BPA) and also the best defensive player available in the draft. Mock drafts mean absolutely NOTHING, but theyíve fun to read.

This season Chase had 16.5 sacks for Ohio State, while missing two whole games in the season. It is said that in some plays he drew a TRIPLE blocking -three OL to try to contain him.

Before we get all mushy and gooie about Chase there are some bridges that have to be crossed first. We have already seen that RR is extremely thorough in his evaluation of players and coaches. It appears that Kevin OíConnell has now had several interviews, with coaches from other teams, such as Sean Turner (Norv Turners son) now being brought in from Carolina. It is not a sure thing that OíConnell will be the OC here, as was thought two days ago.

A big hurtle is the COMBINE, another is the Senior Bowl. At the Combine players are tested and scrutinized for speed, strength, agility, intelligence, as well as the important game team interviews. Is Chase a freak of nature? Is he intelligent? Will he interview well, and show the proper enthusiasm for the Redskins? I believe he will be very excited to come to the Redskins because two classmates of his are eagerly waiting for him - Haskins and McLaurin. Haskins already made a nice plug for Chase last Monday at Asburn.

Unless the Combine finds some major, unknown flaw, I envision Chase to exhibit the speed and agility and strength of an ELITE athlete. Anything less and it might be better for the Redskins to trade down and hope they can still get Andrew Thomas, the best OT in the draft.

This is a very rare opportunity to draft a highly elite player who will play great football for the Redskins for 10 years or longer. Heís appears amazing and itís a critical position on the defense. Barring injuries, could the Young-Sweat pass rush combo possibly rival the great Manley-Mann teamwork of the best Redskinís team in history (1980ís)? Before we dream too big, letís make sure heís everything that the pundits claim he is at the Combine and Senior Bowl (if he plays).

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