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Minority Owners of the Skins Want Out.

Originally Posted by sdskinsfan2001 View Post
If they change the name and announce a new stadium within the next year, that's a game changer. The value will increase. No way I'd sell the team now. Get the stadium announced then sell. You can say your legacy was getting the team back to D.C.

Thatís the wish. Everyone in Washington hates Snyder, but if he:

1. Makes a successful name change - letís say to the Red Wolves, he has a name to be remembered for, that will outlast him.

2. New name helps him get a new stadium in D.C.. Think about it: Snyder offered Virginia, Maryland and D.C to build a stadium WITH HIS OWN MONEY. No one wanted it!! MEANWHILE, Other cities are adding new HIGHER taxes on their citizens in a rush to pay for a brand new $ Billion stadium for some billionaire owner, who certainly could afford it himself. Maybe with a name change Snyder may not have to build the stadium ONLY with his own money.

3. The team FINALLY starts winning.

This all could happen in the next few years. At that point, the team is now worth $5 billion or more. Snyder becomes popular, at least to the powerful, because he is successful, finally.

Snyder is only changing the name under extreme financial and political pressure. Donít forget that in five years , when Snyderís team wins a SB and he is no longer considered the biggest loser in the NFL. He may just luck into making the next right move for this franchise. He made the first move by firing Allen and hiring Rivera. The next big move is up to him.

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