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Re: Why moving on from Bruce Allen this year is pivotal to the future of the franchise.

Originally Posted by mooby View Post
Kyle Smith man, I hear nothing but good things about him and it kinda worries me, like what if he's also being poisoned just by working in this environment?

You know how people running for Congress say they're going to change the game and do things different, then when they get in they realize you either play by Congress rules or you become an ineffective politician who can't get shit done and is a one-term politician? I fear that with Kyle Smith. I fear Kyle Smith is going to be poisoned by working under Bruce Allen. There is plenty of evidence going back years that people don't like working for or with Bruce Allen. Who was voted #1 least trustworthy FO exec to work with by agents? Bruce Allen. Mike Lombardi stamped his name on how bad it is working with Allen. Nobody has ever come to Bruce Allen's defense and said he is a smart football-minded guy who knows what he's doing and was scapegoated in Tampa Bay/Oakland.

With all that being said Kyle Smith could be the guy for all we know, but I'm torn between him and bringing in someone who hasn't been exposed to this shitty culture. A totally fresh start as they say. I'm also not sold Dan Snyder is willing to do such a thing. Bruce Allen's probably trying to sell him that we're a Gruden replacement and a couple players away from being contenders type thing.
Before we get too carried away about the idea of the this org poisoning him, you do know who Kyle's Dad is right? AJ wasn't exactly known for his people skills. Hopefully Kyle isn't cut from that same mold.
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