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Re: Republican nominee for President

Originally Posted by CRedskinsRule View Post
You get 11/12 people on a stage and the announcer asking things like "how did you feel when x said blah blah about you", and you get alot of bunk, but underlying that (and alot of people just listen to the top ground blabber because that's our society now) was some discussions of republican basics.

Liberals, who aren't going to vote for any republican anyway, may not like it - but things like not paying for Planned Parenthood, or changing/repealing Obamacare is part of the broad conservative message.

This debate wasn't intended for people who think Hillary should be president, they won't vote for any of these candidates. It was for Republicans (and Trump) to weigh in, and express where they stand regarding a wall, or the affordable care act, and defense. From that perspective the debate let those people see how each carried themselves.

Some, likely Kasich and Rubio and Fiorina, will increase their support. Some, like Rand and Walker and Huckabee, probably will lose support. The field will whittle, and debates will become more focused.

Still would rather see that, than 1 person, who probably was the role model for House of Cards, and a few minor politicos. Hopefully the democrats will actually hold some debates, and if they did, and they opened their field to their full spectrum of ideas, then you would have some serious clownage there too. But that's not how they've chosen to go forward so far.

We are 5 months from even having a single vote cast for anyone, pretty sure by the time the election comes most the clowns will be gone a decent Republican field will be running in their primaries. Right now the Democratic primaries seem like the joke. Hopefully they will put up decent candidates.

for me, i'm tired of the hacks both parties have been fielding, and I think the large pool the republicans are fielding is refreshing even if some have no shot in this world to make a serious run. From Gore/ Bush/ HClinton/ Obama & Romney - it's been a sad state of political affairs.
It's an embarrassment....and I don't think this country can sustain another Obama
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