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NFL Anthem Policy

Originally Posted by JoeRedskin View Post
Get it right. I simply said your blinded by your self-righteousness and, because of that, you make a lot of uninformed statements and resort to demonizing those who disagree with your perspective.

As to being a hypocrite, you said yourself you haven't even read what I posted so what exactly did I say that was hypocritical?

As to being smug, it's only because I am smarter and better than you in every way.

As to trolling, I would NEVER do that.

Actually I didnít read most of it. Because honestly every post you make sounds like you are trying to pen some timeless epic. You turn what could be said in three words into 50, and it is annoying as hell. Anyway...
Smug. Little. Hypocrite.
Now do me a huge favor and leave me alone for another five years. Please.
I'm living in yesterday's tomorrows.

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