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Re: NFL Anthem Policy

Originally Posted by punch it in View Post
The players cant help if a group ( a big, powerful, white group) of people choose to turn a blind eye to the heart of the matter and paint them as unpatriotic hooligans. I think that it certainly pushed racism to the forefront. The question now is do people care? Usually if a certain cause does not directly affect someone they probably will not care about it. Sad but true.

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You’re missing the point - those big powerful white (possible closet racists) are there and in power. You can’t ignore that. That is reality. Because of the noise these powerful men (and their constituents) have made, the discussion has changed from what they supposedly wanted it to be. Instead of talking about white cops killing young black men, were talking about young black men allegedly disrespecting the flag.

The conversation has changed. they have it in their power to redirect the conversation back to what’s really important, but they’ve chosen not to. I blame them for not finding a new strategy to use their platform to get people talking about IMPORTANT things again. We’ll never see progress if both sides just keep digging their heels in and doing the same things.

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