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Re: Reuben Foster carted off with apparent leg injury

Originally Posted by metalskins View Post
Right! I'm starting to think that players are trying to get so much bigger and faster that it's starting to wear down their bodies. John Riggins never lifted weights. He was a part of the "5 o'clock club" where he drank beer after practice. Not saying that drinking beer and not working out is the healthier thing to do, but like you said, some of those players worked other jobs and didn't spend every waking minute on football. I mean, there were some big, strong dudes back in the day, but nothing like what we have today.
Riggins had an image he projected. He took care of himself, he lifted, he worked extra. He did have a good time, no doubt, but he was all in as far as the skins were concerned. The link below is pretty clear illumination into Riggins the player and why he was able to lead the skins.
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