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Re: Redskins O.T.A.

Originally Posted by Ruhskins View Post
I wonder if the delay in getting Scherff a deal is because they were anticipating this. And now they are trying to figure out how to pay both.

Honestly, to me this equates to having another major injury, if TW holds out. And this is a bit ridiculous.

Maybe Eric Schaffer can work his magic? Sorry if I'm not in the "pay him" camp, since I'm sure the team wasn't expecting to deal with this for another year.
I love Tent Williams as a player.

Top tier talent and tough as nails.

BUT, paying him is not the smart move. His injury situation is not going to improve with age. Think long term.

Vegas has us at 6.5 wins this year. We aren't winning anything.

It's all about 2020.

Trading him for as much value as possible is there smart move here.

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