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Re: Punch's Post-Game Thread

I'm convinced Rivera already knows. He seems to be testing out every element he has, to see what's worth keeping. Why else keep Smith in the game when Allen was cleared? It wasn't to win the game, maybe even to break him and force him into retirement. I think last weeks "we have a chance to win the division" speech was more for the owner than anyone else, so he could sell benching DH. I don't think he's a guy to tank but will take advantage of situations like 2+ scores down to allow the inevitable to happen as he has already.

Got to ask, as I don't really follow CFB (we don't see much of it over here and with Covid...); would we be better off with the #1 pick or trading down? Don't we need to all but draft a new OL? If we were to get Lawrence, how do we build an OL to protect him, given we haven't done close to a decent job of that up to this point? Not to mention the need for TE, WR and DBs.
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