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Re: Week 2 - the Rebound

Just finished watching the Broncos @ Giants game.

What gives me hope:
-their secondary is surprisingly not that good. You'd think Ryan Logan, Jabril Peppers, Adoree Jackson and James Bradberry is a solid SB squad... But yet Bridgewater kept finding guys wide open. Wether they were getting beat, or it was a zone coverage snafu, one guy was always open, especially on 3rd down. Minus one awesome stripped ball by Logan, it would have been 17 - 7 at the half and 34 - 13 at the end.
-I think Heinicke gives us a better chance against this D than Fitzpatrick. They don't have a Joey Bosa, but their front 7 is not to be underestimated, so Taylor's ability to extend the play will be key to find weaknesses in the secondary (Bradberry seems to be their weak link).
-if our DL lives up to what their supposed to be, we could limit this offense the way the Broncos did... But...

What if fear:
-Our LBs suck and are slow, so be ready for some excruciating 3rd and long conversion on the ground by Jones. He ran quite well against the Broncos.
-Our OL struggled and their front 7 is quite solid, Heinicke is gonna have to make plays.

Winnable game for sure. Hope we can exploit that unexpected weakness of their secondary.
Will need our DL to be who we think they are, like, finally. And our LBs to be a little less bad than what we think (Bostic I'm staring right at you).

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