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Re: What happens with Kyle Smith?

Dwayne Haskins
Bryce Love
Wes Martin
Ross Pierschbacher
Jordan Brailford
Geron Christian Sr
Troy Apke
Shaun Dion Hamilton
Greg Stroman
Khaleke Hudson
Ryan Anderson
Keith Ismael
S. Charles

They are all still on the roster or IR, the jury is still out on some of them, some have improved and some have shown flashes. What do you want 1000%? Show me a GM who has done better in 3-4 years what Smith has done.

Guice and Haskins came with a warning and he took a chance or was overruled (Haskins by Snider)
Brailford they liked, it was a numbers game and now plays for the Vikings.
Quinn is with Jacksonville with 35 catches and 2 TD's.

Both Sims, Smith-Williams, Strohman, Martin, Christian, Hudson and even Haskins have shown flashes, but not in a consistent basis. Not everyone is McLaurin.

I would say the only bust of this group is Apke.
Joe Gibbs- The best coach of all time, Lombardi trophy should be renamed Gibbs.

Art Monk- Art was like an OL playing WR, doing the dirty work and not getting the glory.

Darrell Green- Best DB ever.

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