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Predictions and Projections 2021 WFT Results

With only 2 preseason games to go, and Training Camp ending, I figure we all have an idea of what the final 53 will look like; what the strengths and weaknesses potentially could be; and what we hope to see. So with that, I offer the annual Predict the record thread. We have some brutal games and a weird last 5 weeks, that I think will see us dominate the NFC East heading into a deep playoff run. While I think Fitz will be much more magical than tragical, Heinicke serves as a perfect backup to learn and grow through the season.

Our first 5 opponents should set the stage for our Defense VERY nicely.
2020 Rank PTS, OLINE
(W)Chargers 18, 32
(W)NYG 31, 31
(L)Bills 3 , 10
(W)Falcons 16, 21
(W)Saints 5 , 8

Heading into a matchup with the Chiefs in Game 6 we could be 4-1, especially if the Chargers revamped OLine is not substantially improved from their dismal PFF ranking last year.

The next stretch includes a bye - Thank goodness
(L)Chiefs -- I want to see us win, but let's be realistic they rebuilt their line and Mahomes is Mahomes
(L)Packers -- ditto with Rodgers is Rodgers
(W)Bucs - a revenge game for the team and Fitzpatrick

Then comes the Home Stretch - this team will be hungry to prove they weren't a fluke:
(L) Seahawks - Until we beat RW consistently, I have to give them this
(W) Raiders
(W) Dallas
(W) Philly
(W) Dallas
(L) Philly

Rivera's teams have normally been strong in December (I couldn't find a good splits database to back this up but here is a link to an article while he was in Carolina (it is older)

I think we will only lose one of the last 5 division games, I chose Philly but it could be any one of them.

With that, I think we win the East again with a record of 12 - 5. I believe we will be competitive in every game, but the top ranked passers will give us fits, and our offense has to be able to put up at least 27 pts per game average. That was tough last year. This year I hope it is the bare minimum. Field Goals will be at a premium Hopkins/Cheeseman!!!
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