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Re: Taylor Effing Heinicke

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
This is exactly where I am. I'm willing to give up a lot for the right player.
Including costs as a very important part of the equation, I think this is how I'd approach it:

1) Trade a ton for DeShaun Watson
2) Manage to acquire Dak Prescott, make him highest paid QB, trade picks if needed
[Grand Canyon]
3) Trade for Matt Stafford
4) Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick
5) Sign Matt Ryan if he becomes a free agent, not interested in trading unless it's for a day 3 pick
6) Sign Tyrod Taylor
[Grand Canyon]
7) Go into next year with the same QB room
[distance from Earth to the sun]
8) Bring back Haskins
Does this list exclude drafting a qb and only look at FA's, or you don't think we should draft one period?
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