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Re: With the 19th Pick, the WFT selects....

If Parsons falls then it goes (almost)without question that you take him, same with any of the top 10 talents...... My one thought about linebacker is that they need a MLB thumper in the run game. Is JOK an every down linebacker? Would you have him on the field on 3rd & 1? I like Collins but think that 19 is a bit early for him. Same goes for Moehrig (sp?). Fundamentally I am a believer in building the lines and a starting LT is more valuable if you can get one than a LB. Though I will admit that I have no experience of this I feel that it is easier to coach up linebackers to fit a scheme than spend high draft picks on them and coach up OTs ( see 2020 Dallas). You could justify any player being a BPA pick given the number of positions WFT could look to fill. I only really object to picking WR in the first round, any position after that I will take RR judgement.
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