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Re: WFT Vs Chargers Pre Game Thread

Originally Posted by Chief X_Phackter View Post
Chargers were top 10 in both offense and defense last year. You never know what to expect with a new coaching staff, but personnel wise I don't see that they lost much; probably got better actually.

They have to travel to the opposite coast, and their starters haven't seen much if any game action yet. For me, the slight edge goes to WFT for being home, but that slight edge is good for a close loss due to two missed field goals.

19-17 Chargers
Their offense was 18th in points per game, with a 0 game against NE. Their defense was 23rd in points per game.

Saying they were top 10 on both is true in total yardage, but a bit generous in how they actually impacted a game. They were 9th in offense yards and 10th in defense yards.

It should be a good test for where the WFT is at but we should be the better team.

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