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Re: Ron Rivera Thread

Originally Posted by CRedskinsRule View Post
I think this is interesting -
Ron Rivera to join Sports Junkies on Tuesdays this season

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Ughh I avoid listening to them if possible. DC sports radio just seems like all schtik vs baltimore The Fan where they do a great job of mostly sports, some schtik.

Hopefully hes on from 8-9 when Im driving.

Fitz would love to hear him on a weekly show. Hes a funny smart dude. Heard him on a pregame 30 mins before a preseason game. They asked him if WR are giving him any gifts or trying anything to get more balls their way. Fitz said they could babysit for him. They asked who would be good babysitting. He said "definitely Logan Thomas, I trust him a lot and Terry. The list ends there."
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