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Re: Around the NFL week 7

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
I hope Snyder is forced to sell this franchise. Only he would think a NON-NAME is ok for this team. Most fans in other cities think it is funny and ridiculous that we donít have a name already. It just shows how LAME and disconnected Danny is. The fan polls universally voted for the RED WOLVES, but Snyder could care less.

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Its not just about the name, its trademarks, branding, and design. Heck even the new stadium plans will be affected by it. I would rather they take time to get everything in order than worry about fans of other teams and in other cities think.

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Edit: that is not to say that I trust Snyder to do it right, only that since they have committed to not being the redskins then take the time and do the change right.
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