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Originally Posted by Daseal
Ever think that maybe, just maybe Gibbs will change his system a little bit for a smaller back? He can take a beating, he carries the load at Denver, but I don't recommend running him right up the middle every down. He can hit the outside and roll.

I guarantee you Portis needs a much smaller hole and can do a lot more once he's through it than Riggins.
I have been thinking that very thing for a while, as far as adjusting his system, especially on defense, I think he wanted someone more aggresive than pettibone, I was also wondering if he plan's to utilize his back's a little differently than he has in the past? It sounds like portis's arrival is going to happen, and gibb's I believe is looking for a more high powered offense than he used to run, I think he was alway's enamoured by the QB's who could get out of the pocket and run and he really want's to use that with brunnell with a lot of planned roll out's and so forth, it looks like he really want's to pressure the defense with speed.
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