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Originally Posted by Beemnseven
Here are a few of Gibbs' RBs and their respective sizes. This should cool the myth that Gibbs only used BIG BACKS:

Earnest Byner, 5'11" -- 220 lbs
Ricky Ervins, 5'7" -- 200 lbs
Brian Mitchell 5'10" -- 215 lbs
Kelvin Bryant 6'2" -- 210 lbs (taller than average, but not meaty)
Joe Washington -- small, don't have actual records for him, but he was small.

Of course there were guys like Riggins, Rogers, and Riggs. But it's safe to say Gibbs knew the value of having multiple type RBs on his roster.
Great point Beems. Ever since the Portis rumors started circulating that's been the constant arguement I've heard, is Portis a Gibbs kind of back. The perception is that Gibbs always had a big, plodding smashmouth back. That's really not true, especially when you look at the size of the guys above. Outside of Riggins and Rogers Gibbs' backs weren't especially big.
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