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Re: D.J. Swearinger released

..if you are the head coach and you repeatedly tell your star safety to stop speaking publicly against the coaches and your star safety keeps doing it you have to dump your star safety....Sean Taylor had 2 losing seasons with the Redskins in 2004 and 2006 that were less than 7-9(6-10 in 2004 and 5-11 in 2006) and Sean never said anything negative about Gregg Williams... DJ called himself Sean Taylor reincarnated....he is not Sean much as this coaching staff gets under my skin with their never ending incomptence, Gruden did the right thing...if you're a captain and you're a star defender, you don't publicly undermine your coaches....even if you're right....the punishment fits the violation....

Without a shadow of a doubt Swearinger has apparently proven to be incompatible with the Redskins coaches...
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