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Re: Reuben Foster to be fined but not suspended by NFL

Originally Posted by Buffalo Bob View Post
Really? I thought Zeke Elliot was caught on tape pulling a woman's top down in public. Correct me if I am wrong.
Originally Posted by sandtrapjack View Post
Nope. He was suspended for an alleged act while he was at Ohio State. The NFL spent over a year investigating domestic violence allegations raised by Elliott’s former girlfriend in Columbus, Ohio. She filed police reports and went to the Columbus City Attorney’s office to pursue charges in July 2016. Elliott was never charged with a crime.

So he was punished for something that was already adjudicated before he even in the NFL, yet the NFL decided to hold him accountable?

Water under the bridge. Again, it is just consistency. And the NFL screwed the pooch yet again.
Yes he did expose a woman in public captured on tape, so your Nope comment is WRONG!! Here is the link, but it is Not safe for work for nudity:
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