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Re: Number Seven Belongs To Theismann

Originally Posted by jamf View Post
QB1 Best Season: 3400yards, 23 TDs Won the Superbowl

QB2 Best Season: 4900yards, 25 TDS, Missed the playoffs

QB1 is a Cowboy legend and FOX broadcaster.

QB2 is a highly paid "just a guy" in Minnesota.

You can't compare stats from 80s/Early 90s.

You also have to factor in charisma/likability.

Nameth doesn't have good stats and isn't an elite QB but he had giant balls, won the biggest game he played in, and banged Farrah Fawcett. LEGEND!
Ever since they outlawed the head slap over 40 years ago the rules have evolved on a yearly basis to favor the offense. You really have to compare a QB against his peers in the same era. One stat has meant the same for 100 years and that is wins and loses. Theisman's .629 win rate puts him ahead of a lot of good quarterbacks. Also of note Theisman has a career rating of 77.4. Hall of Famer Dan Fouts who played almost the exact time as Joe was a 80.2.

Against his peers Theisman was around 10th place year in year out in stats. He was a consistent winner. Who knows if he was on one of those teams at the time without a good defense or running game, where he would have been stat wise. He didn't need to throw for 300 yards a game like Fouts to try to win. Fouts only won half his games.
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