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Re: The Haskins Thread

Originally Posted by CRedskinsRule View Post
Haskins was a DS pick, it helps our situation if he makes himself attractive to coaches because it reduces a major source of conflict with our dysfunctional owner. At this point it seems clear BA will not be outright fired so we need as much positive as possible to get a decent coaching staff in place.

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The guy has played just in 6 games and you're ready to give up on him? He has a 121 QB rating in his sixth game and you think he's terrible? It is very RARE for a top QB to have a good or even a very good rookie season. Look at HOF QB like Peyton Manning - 26 INT his rookie year. Steve Young had 3 TD and 8 INT his first season. It goes on and on.

You've got to give a high draft pick players 2-3 years to see if they can become a franchise player. NOT like Doctson, who the Redskins kept around for over 4 seasons - he was just a poor WR. Only an awful GM like BA would keep a loser like Doctson around while letting 1000 yd WR like Garcon, Jackson and Crowder walk out the door.

I don't know if Haskins is the one. Time will tell, but the team needs to provide him with play time, reps, an improved OL, good coaching, far better play-calling, and a decent TE. Only AFTER the team helps him out with the improvements listed above and he's had 20-30 games, can the coaches make an evaluation of whther he is the future QB for this team. It's too soon now, even with his current faults.
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