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Re: The Haskins Thread

For all the guys who:

1. Wanted for Haskins to sit out the entire first season (or more!)

2. Were ready to trade Haskins or draft a QB with our FIRST ROUND PICK after just 4 games

What do you say now? In game five Haskins had a 121 QB rating. Game six he had a 141 QB rating. Thatís with just six games of experience!

Also, if you look at the history of past Redskin first round draft picks: Shuler, Campbell and RG3, all were given between 20-52 games. Shuler (29), Campbell (52), RG3 (37). So for the posters who said we could get rid of a first rounder QB after one season or less, this does not match with Redskins history. Sure, the team could give up earlier, but you must be sure this QB isnít going to turn it around in the second or even the third season. How long did the Redskins test Kirk Cousins before they let him go? The problem is you see brief periods of exceptional play, but not consistently able to replicate that level of play.

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