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Re: The Haskins Threat

I haven't seen anything yet. Next year will be year 1 for Haskins as far as I'm concerned.

Shular was Norv's guy.
Campbell was Gibbs 2.0 guy.
RG3 was Shanahan's guy.

Colt Gruden was Jays oldest son. Colt was a scrappy kid with brittle bones but he was daddies favorite.
Case Gruden was Jays middle child. The best QB of the bunch but daddy still loved Colt a little more.
Dwayne Gruden was a surprise from Mrs. Gruden 9 months after her all girls vacation to Jamaica. Jay never took a liking to young Dwayne for some reason...

all joking aside, this was a wasted season in every way imaginable.
This team needs to figure out what they are on offense before we should start grading Dwayne.
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