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Re: Snyder to Stay on a Owner

Originally Posted by MissouriSkin View Post
I donít think itís a stretch to think the NFL wanted this to go away quickly and relatively quietly before people began to look at other teams and owners. As for the officiating, I watch a TON of football and have never seen the amount of blown calls and outright bias against a team that I see agains us. Yeah Iím a fan but even people I know who hate the team agree.
Haha, that's funny. I get why the league might have it out for NE, Pgh, Balt, GB or the other winning teams but WFT has been a loser team for close to 30 years. Most of the games WFT plays are meaningless in the playoff picture. Nobody outside the WFT fan base cares about WFT because WFT hasn't given anyone much to get excited about for 30 years.
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