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Snyder to Stay on a Owner

In all seriousness, we have enough crazy conspiracy theories circulating these days without one about the WFT. Teams that do well on the field consistently do tend to get breaks from the refs - whether consciously or unconsciously, thereís an impulse to support a star system, which the fans want. Until we start winning consistently, those breaks arenít likely to go our way.

Letís hope that this season signals the beginning of sustained success. I am more optimistic than usual - our D should be ferocious, weíve added some good skills players on offense, and I have confidence in our coach (and more importantly, the players seem to). We have a pretty rough schedule but itís time to pull up our big boy pants and see what the team is made of. If we can stay healthy and if Fitz can curb the turnovers, I donít think there is another team we canít beat in any given Sunday. Itís been a long time since I thought that was true. As in decades since I thought that was true.

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