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The stadium thread 2: New stadium boogaloo

I don't expect this thread to get a lot of action soon, just wanted someplace to document this in case years later we find out this was the turning point on a stadium announcement.

A caller to Brian Mitchell/JP Finlay claims the contractor that did the Raiders stadium is working with the WFT to re-develop RFK. Seems a little sus given the trend with new stadiums is to build huge retail developments all around it to bring in money year-round and RFK doesn't seem to have that kinda space.

That also seems to contradict with this recent WaPo article saying team officials are working with legislators in VA to convert the useless baseball stadium authority into a football stadium authority to find a spot for the team in VA - preferably in Loudoun or Prince William counties according to the article. Loudoun would make sense if they built near the Silver Line extension - as much as I would enjoy them building in PWC it doesn't make sense considering we don't have direct Metro access.
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