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Re: Welcome your Washington Commanders

Originally Posted by BaltimoreSkins View Post
I think trademark law disagrees with you there.
I think an NFL franchise had the mean to win the battle a soccer team was willing to fight, don't you? And if the trademark issues really scared them away, was Washington Wolves really that hard to get? Would have pleased a lot of people and calmed those who found Redwolves crindgeworthy.

Anyway, moot point by now. Just think it's fair to say this whole 2 years fan engaging process was a scam if they ignore the overwhelmingly fan favorite option and pick something absolutely NOBODY was talking about before it became the most likely option.

Heck, I ain't jumping ship, so I'll get used to it. Just surprised to see so many people defending them on this choice which contradicts everything they've been telling us for 2 years.
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