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Re: The 2022 Washington Commanders draft thread

Originally Posted by Ruhskins View Post
Assuming Settle wanted to stay. But he has the opportunity to be a starter in Buffalo, I'm sure he wanted to go there. I don't understand why is so hard for people to understand that you can't keep everyone.

You also can't keep everyone on the D-line, Payne could be the odd man out. So you draft both for depth and for replacement.

I wanted Dean, but it is not like they drafted a fucking kicker in the 2nd round.

Who wants to keep everyone? What we are saying is if this is Paynes replacement just keep Settle. Settle would have been the starter here and we could have drafted elsewhere.

You are saying Settle wanted to leave to start elsewhere and also Payne could be out so draft his replacement. We had his replacement.
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