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Who is your break out player for the season?

Who is the mf’in Skins player who will breakout this coming year?

Chase coming back off injury, a rookie, a second year guy who who just needed a lil experience, Payne in a contract year, etc??

Who is the guy who will be quiet baller…a guy not necessarily to break out but just be that core, dependable guy who everyone is like wow nice to see him finally step up and solidify himself as “a dude.”

First question, I think Chase bounces back hard with a better offense on the field. He gonna be in the teens end of season..count on it.

Second, I think Cosmi was good first year, but he could have that Johnathan Allen -like early emergence at Right Tackle.

2 other players I like to be difference makers..Curtis Samuel and I think Kam Curl has probowl potential if they just leave him alone to play Strong Safety
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