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Re: Manders v Chiefs

Originally Posted by Chief X_Phackter View Post
Last year this defense blitzed 31% of the time, when the opposing QB dropped back to pass. That was good for 7th most in the league.
I looked into this blitz thing last year. it was an interesting dive. We didnt blitz a lot in the first 4-5 games then dialed it up more.

What I wanted to find out was "what counts as a blitz"?

-Traditionally if you rush 5 or more, its a blitz. Excluding goal line plays (and I imagine but havent seen in writing those 4th and 1 QB sneaks).
- If you rush 4 or more in a 3-4 formation
- If you show 5 but only rush 4, its counts as a blitz (this I heard on radio from football outsiders or PFF). This surprised me.

Last year we did a lot of 5 man rushes.

London Fletcher said the other day that our most used 3rd down formation is a 5 man rush where the LB shows intent to rush the A gap. This forces the offense to call Five-O which means the O protection is now man 5 hats on 5 hats.

We did this 5 man rush A gap so teams couldnt double our edge or DTs and we hoped one of our stubs won 1 on 1.

Sometimes the LB (Holcomb) would rush and sometimes he would show rush then drop back.


London said hes not worried about our PS 3rd down D bc we werent showing or using what we will do in the regular season.

Conversely .. mahomes said after the game he was surprised we did a "fire" blitz on one of his TD passes, saying you never see that blitz in PS
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