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Originally Posted by sandtrapjack View Post
Yes. The production crew was shadowing an advanced scout at the Browns-Bengals game. Apparently to show how the scouts 'do their job'. But, the camera was never on the scout and there is 12 minutes of footage where the camera was trained on the Bengals sidelines focused on the coaches and signals.

Patriots were also required by rule to notify the Bengals that a film crew would be in attendance at the game. They failed to notify.

This is not the first time a 'production crew' from the Patriots has been caught filming at games either.

This means you change your signals the day you play the Pats. That means they wasted all their time studying your now defunct signals instead of watching game film. Iíll be very interested to see how the Patís do without Brady and even more importantly, without Belichek. Also, they have played in the easiest division in the NFL for the last decade (or more). Eventually, those teams will improve. I want the Pats to fail ALMOST as much as Dallas.

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