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Re: What kind of production does Doctson need in 2019 to stay with on them team ?

Originally Posted by Defensewins View Post
I just don't get why he is still on the roster with a 2019 cap hit of $9,674,125.
It is only $3,600,000 cap hit if we release him right now.
That would save us $6,074,125 in cap space and I would sign sign a real LG or a back up LT or a real blocking TE.
Reed's cap hit in 2020 will be $10,300,000.
His cap hit if we release him then will only be $1,800,000.
He hasn't been traded because no one would be interested in him....he hasn't been cut because the coaches still have a glint of hope that he will be more than productive in 2019.....or they could be looking to cut him during the preseason when the first signs show that he is being outshined by three or four other WRs.....
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