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Re: Dwayne Haskins preseason thread

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
I don't think the question is whether you can expect a 2017 season from Keenum. That 2017 team had Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen, the WR weapons were just night/day better than ours (fingers crossed on McLaurin tho).

The question for me is whether Keenum can give you what Alex Smith gave you before getting hurt. Smith was on pace for 3200 yards, 16 TDs, 8 INTs.

And he was 6-3 going into the game where he got hurt. With a healthy line and running game, with this defense, it's not far fetched for me to think Keenum can be what Alex was. The exception though is INTs. Alex was among the best at avoiding turnovers. But in 2017 Keenum only threw 7. Last year in Denver, he threw 15.

What you get from Keenum in the ball security department will determine everything. We're going to be a team with a small margin for error. We will limit teams on defense, so even an underachieving offense centered around a ground & pound style will still be in the game. The question is can Keenum convert just enough chances into points, or will he turn it over to the other team, and give them a short field for that field goal that makes the difference?

All I know is if you put Haskins in, you end up with 20 INTs and you're dead in the water from the jump. He's not there yet, we see it in the preseason.
Agree, Case had a miracle season in 2017, 81.4 Grade was among the best QBs. Our WRs are not close and Terry will have growing pains, you hardly ever see a rookie WR come in and dominate, Case will be Alex Smith if he doesn't turn it over.

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