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Re: Fans at Fed Ex

Originally Posted by GridIron26 View Post
I suggest you to check the CDC data again.
The eyes see what they want to see Gridiron. Is it true that 90+ percent of all COVID deaths were partially due to some underlying cause? Absolutely.

Is it also true that America as a country has one of the highest obesity/pre-existing condition rates? Also true. Sure one or the other might not be immediately fatal, but what happens when you combine both? If you have a pre-existing condition, you are high risk. Period. Wear the fucking mask, out of common courtesy for your fellow man.

I'm gonna simplify this argument for those of you that think this is some worldwide conspiracy to undermine our president:

Wear a mask = you care about the general wellbeing of other people

Refuse to wear a mask = you're an asshole, who doesn't give a fuck about anyone besides yourself
Hail to the Football Team
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