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Re: Chase Young is PFF's top graded defensive rookie so far

Originally Posted by mooby View Post
Why? It's not like we're hurting for cap space, and we'll clear up 20 mil with Alex Smith gone (or renegotiated if we bring in a rookie next year).

I don't understand this "let solid guy like Scherff/Allen/Payne go" talk, you build your team around solid guys like that instead of letting them walk and drafting a cheap replacement that isn't guaranteed to do as good a job as they do.

I realize our d has been underwhelming this year but I still believe the problem is with the LB's/secondary.
Matty I is gonna be pretty costly next re-up and Settle has earned a good check too. Hard to tie up tons of money in 1 position, even if in good cap position. Good to have cap flexibility to re-up your other guys and sign outside FAs. I won't lose sleep if we sign both. Not sure how feasible it is though.

Teams lose good players every year. Not possible to keep everyone every FA period.
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