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Re: Super Bowl Week

Originally Posted by FrenchSkin View Post
Saw an exchange about wether or not the ball was catchable on the last play of the game, it wasn't, bounces of the ground way before it's in Perine's reach ;-)

Chase had Ramsey beaten for a TD though...
OK, it was a fraction more than a foot

That last play exemplified where I felt the Bengals struggled. Seems to me, you have to get that yard so anything and everything should be focussed on that 1 yard with the possibility of 1 deep option. Chase does his job by not only getting open deep but pulling coverage away from the flat. Burrow should have had that as 1st read if only to keep coverage deep with his eyes. I haven't found a good replay to identify the routes on the far side, but he looks left for a 2 count and never looks to Chase. He only looks at Perine when he's in the grasp and it's too late (and Perine is only 'open' after the play breaks down). Everyone else is covered tight, and arguably in a couple of cases not really working extra hard to get open (and quickly). If it was me, I'd have run that play on 3rd down with Mixon in the backfield to tease run, then run the ball on 4th when they expect pass.
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