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Re: Super Bowl Week

Went through the Rams defensive snaps, did some sort of Aaron Donald highlights, he was indeed doubled/tripled (protection slide + TE/RB help) most of the game. I think he had some better games in his monstrous career, but he was still very impactful, I was thinking SB MVP for his freakish bullrush sack + 2 back to back plays to seal the game. Looking at it again maybe that's not a MVP game, what do you guys think ?

12 plays, divided in 5 gifs :

And this little nugget, live I thought going for the 4th and 1 was a bit over agressive by Zac Taylor, and it did set the Rams with great field position for their first TD.
The announcers made a big deal out of #50 being in a lucky spot to make the deflection while covering Perine... but didn't mention Higgins being absolutely wide open in the flat. It's even more obvious on the sideline view, I thought Burrow was a bit stressed at the beginning of the game, and this was a huge missed opportunity:

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