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Originally Posted by AnonEmouse View Post
I'd only seen the last play from the sideline angle, and seeing it form behind made it worse. Given it appears Burrows first read was his 2 WR's on the left, Boyd did himself and his QB no favours. he releases straight into the path of the MLB and get tangled with him. Assuming it's a Levels play and he knows the outside receiver is running the drag he should be running a drag also (reading that he can't beat the MLB) or driving to 10y to pull the MLB off the drag. He does neither and head s straight at the MLB. Because he tangles, the MLB has neutralised him AND is set to pounce on the drag, hence Burrow hesitates. Boyd's a 6 year vet. He should do better especially in the biggest game of his career.
Good call. I focus on the trenches when watching the endzone view.
I think from a playcall standpoint it's interesting, the Rams forced the ball to their elite WR, and had their elite DL make plays to end the game. In the biggest moment of the game, the Bengals called a run to Perine and a pass to somebody not named Ja'Marr Chase... Bit of overthinking IMO. Put the game into your playmakers hands.
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