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Re: Around the NFL 2022: Post Draft Edition

Thought the Saints were in cap hell?

I think Mayfield will be picked up in the near future, probably around camp time and almost certainly if there's an injury to a #1. Jimmy G is going to have to show he's clear of injury, but he might be OK staying as the #2 if nobody comes calling.

There are teams with unproven/tier 2 starting QB's that could be willing to offer teh Browns something. Or teams will wait (probably in both cases) until they are cut.

'Unset' at QB or need solid QB2:
Atlanta - Mariota is an unknown and the only experienced QB, but Ridder could be thrown in the deep end.
Carolina - unlikely as they may be to just drop Darnold, is Corral ready to go this year? Maybe swap Darnold and Jimmy G? Carolina gets an upgrade unless/until Corral is ready and 49ers get a backup with starting experience happy for a change of scenery.
Chicago - unlikely but who's backup to Fields if he struggles/gets injured? Siemian?
Detroit - didn't draft a QB and we all know Goff isn't a fixture.
NY G - Jones option wasn't picked up so he's in a prove it year. If he looks poor in camp, could they pull the trigger on a trade? They didn't draft a QB and they've stocked up in the draft...
Philly - unlikely but they don't exactly have a premium QB room.
Seattle - wouldn't surprise me at all if they made a move for Mayfield. Do they really think their guy is already in the room? Mayfield would fit their O and it might be a redemption story for him.
Tampa - TB12 is #1 for now, but I'd say its highly likely he makes it his last season. Someone like Jimmy G being ready to take over after a year as backup wouldn't be a total surprise, given there's no obvious successor on the roster.
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