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Re: Around the NFL 2022: Post Draft Edition

Originally Posted by Chief X_Phackter View Post
It's hard to believe people complaining about what we gave up to get Wentz after seeing what some teams ae giving up for wide receivers.

Wentz was (is) a bargain. Low risk - High reward move. Top it off with snagging a potential QB of the future in the draft... The QB room is leaps and bounds better than it was last year.
I agree.

And dammitÖIím a little excited about Sam Howell. Heís a solid mid round QB prospect with a big arm. You know if Wentz falls flat (which I donít believe he will), we now have a guy who can learn the system for the year while polishing up lacking skills with coaching..and be given a shot down the road.

Wentz, Howell, Henike > Fitz, Henike, Allen
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