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Re: RAMS Postgame

Here's the highlights:

Actually, I meant to say "here's where the highlights would go, if there were any to share."

Just click your heels 3 times and say

"we're rebuilding"

"we're rebuilding"

"we're rebuilding"

Once Haskins is shipped out maybe we can get that Dan Snyder loser stink out of the building too. Although every time this happens I believe a little more that this team will never be successful as long as he owns it.

Shoutouts: Tress Way, Kendall Fuller, Montez Sweat with the hustle on the rundown, Terry Mac and of course Alex Smith for successfully making it back to the field against insane odds.

Callouts: The entire offensive line. Not gonna single anybody out because Aaron Donald was a buzzsaw that simultaneously slaughtered everybody he went up against, including Team LVP Wes Martin (poor Wes, you're probably gonna be sacrificed to the football gods when Scherff gets back). It's not Wes' fault he had to matchup with the most feared defensive lineman since JJ Watt in his heydey.

As my friend said: This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets a very moveable object.

Personal shoutout to Alex Smith. I was holding my breath when he was giving Aaron Donald a piggyback ride, but if he can handle that he can definitely handle the rigors of the position. Hopefully this week was a warmup for him to shake the rust and we can play a competitive game next week (while also keeping the score closer than 10 points for the first time in 8 weeks).

Congrats to him for being the first quarterback that I know of to successfully come back from a broken leg where the bone was exposed through the skin.
Hail to the Football Team
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