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Re: RAMS Postgame

While we're on the subject:

How many teams that successfully tanked for a high draft pick won the Super Bowl in the last 2 decades?

Because that's the goal. We shouldn't tank because it's a proven unsuccessful team building strategy. If we suck, we suck. But you don't teach your guys not to go all out on the field. It's not successful, period. You really think Ron Rivera's character would allow him to just give up on the season? That's the literal opposite of the culture he's trying to build. Honestly, this tanking talk is ridiculous.

Grab a veteran in the offseason, let him hold down the fort while we build up the roster everywhere else. Then get the qb you want. Don't be forced to take a qb because that's when wasted draft picks happen. Fresh example: Dwayne Haskins. He was a perfect circumstance of "this team really needs a qb" and Dan Snyder falling in love with his highlights.
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