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Re: YOU play GM (Since we don't have one)

It is kind of funny how we criticize Dan Snyder for not hiring football people and then as soon as we have the chance to hypothetically run the team we all say what we would do, and nobody says "hire a football person as my GM".

That's what I would do if I were team president, then I'd get my ass to work on the business side because that's where I could do some damage.

Hire a GM and let him pick the coach. I want the GM with all roster authority, with the scouting department reporting in to him, and the head coach reporting in to him. The scouting department will deliver the draft board, the GM will review the draft board with the coach, and the GM will decide how to manage the relationship with the coach to balance the need to win immediately vs the need to win later.

The only thing I'd dictate is that I'd insist the GM and the coach be given the same length contract. Five years, seven years, whatever. I'd insist their time horizons be on the same page, so they'd both be aligned in trying to build for the future early on, and expect themselves to win as their contracts progress. It's dysfunctional to have a GM with a long term view and a coach with a short term view. I want them to have the same view so they're pulling in the same direction.

The GM will have the final say on who we sign and who we draft. He'll have the coach reporting to him, providing input independently from the scouting department. And the GM will decide when to meet the coach halfway getting players he prefers, to manage the reporting relationship.

What football decisions I'd make are irrelevant. This team's main problem is organizational dysfunction because Bruce and Dan don't understand how to set people up to work well together. They instead set people up to have competing and conflicting agendas. Kind of fundamentally flawed when it comes to playing a TEAM sport.
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