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Re: Super Bowl Gameday Thread

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post
It's because he's not the "Sexy athlete" like a Mahomes is or Favre was etc. Yeah he's slow as shit and un-athletic but he's a winner and CLUTCH. Things you can not teach. I've said he's the GOAT since Ring 5 and he just keeps on winning. Nobody will ever touch his accomplishments
So clutch that in the last 3 drives against GB (not the last one as that was kneeling) he threw 3 interceptions. Brady didn't win that game the Tampa defense did. Same with the superbowl. Brady did NOTHING special. Missed some open WR's. Threw high quite a few times, but his WR's went up and got it. Was Brady the biggest reason the Bucs won? NO!! The Tampa defense was and the fact that KC was missing their 2 starting tackles.

Superbowl victories are not QB accomplishments, they are team accomplishments.
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